Chapter 3. Pure Yin Body (2)

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The person ignored her, rather said: “I am an alchemist and armament master, just like you, I had pure Yin body, but I didn’t have the luck to have a clan to protect me or paternal grandfather that will take the trouble to hide my body problem like you. Because of that, after my parents know about my pure Yin body, they feared that I would bring disaster and abandoned me. Later, I was rescued by Master (Shifu). My master was famous for his medicinal pills and elixirs and he was an existence that people highly revered……”

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Chapter 2. Pure Yin Body

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The red-clothed male lifted the jade ornament respectfully above his head: “Young Master, we are people of Feng family of imperial capital (王都) household.”

The man’s deep lustrous brown eyes flashed towards them, the man handed Feng Wu to the red-clothed female in red, his clear and cold voice sounded: “Master and servant’s life and death contract.”

The man’s word made the red-clothed male and female bowed their heads ashamed.

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Chapter 1: Crossing into Another World from Bad Luck

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Pain! It felt as if every single joint was snapped and all four limbs were split.

In the instant after she lost consciousness, when she assumed that everything was finished after she detonated the bomb, Feng Wu never would have thought she would experience the feeling of being blown up by explosives. When she decided to end everything together, she did not expect to actually not die. Or perhaps the gods felt that her avenging method was too cruel and heartless, so they wanted her to experience the agony of having her body shatter.

However, Feng Wu who was still subconsciously smiling bitterly felt that her excruciating body was being tightly tied up by rope. It was as though a huge python was binding her, and bit by bit, it was tightening up…

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