Chapter 8: Picking up treasure

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This world rank was very clear, the cultivator needs to gather the energy first, gathering the heaven and earth Qi Fundamental energy to wash impurities in one marrow. Therefore the first step to becoming a practitioner was to gather energy, while the Qi energy has three levels: Qi Jin, Qi Mang, Qi Gang. Each level divided based its strength into seven colors of red, orange, yellow, green, bluegrass, blue, purple. When one stage was on purple energy, one can enter the second step of cultivator——condensation of energy, becoming a true cultivator!

Condensation of energy also divided into three levels: Beginner Fundamental, Void Fundamental, True Fundamental. Each level also has seven levels, up till the seven stages of True Fundamental, later like Feng DuWu’s previous time-travel those immortal cultivators might able to produce something called as Fundamental Core that might make the practitioner enter the third stage of Fundamental Core! This stage was divided into four levels: Beginner Fundamental Core, Void Fundamental Core, True Fundamental Core and Gold Fundamental Core!

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In the entire XingYao Dynasty, once one entered Condensation Core Realm it already can be called as a big character. Feng’s family of Imperial capital are one of the four big families in the XingYao Dynasty, they also have seven experts with Condensation Core Realm where among them was her paternal grandfather who was the highest which was in four stages of Gold Core, and apparently twenty years ago, her paternal great-grandfather that she never seen before already broken through Gold Core Realm before she was born. As for what the realm above Gold Core Realm, Feng DuWu that unable to cultivated had never asked. She only knew that her paternal great-grandfather had the ability to topple the mountains and overturn the seas.

To topple the mountains and overturn the seas: a great display of power

Feng DuWu who was just able to make condensation of energy felt felt very novel. After several times of repeated trials refining, she remembered her own appearance, therefore quickly rushed to the dressing table. What disappointed her was that although her pure yin energy was sealed, her appearance has not been concealed. Looking at the mirror just now and it still with the unparalleled beautiful and alluring countenance. Feng DuWu hurriedly goes to the Qian Xue’s space to take out a ‘Thousand Illusion Pill’. After taking it, she concentrated on thinking about her ordinary appearance, in the blink of an eye, she became plain and unremarkable.

After doing all this, only then she realized that the room was dim and the sky outside was already dark, so she told to the outside: “Wu Rou, light the lamp.”

Wu Rou who was anxiously pacing back and forth outside felt like want to push the door several times though in the end got discouraged, so when she heard Feng DuWu’s voice, she finally put down her heart and immediately pushed the door. Lifting the two fingers, it naturally lit up a small fire. Flicking the fingertips, the flames flew onto the fire candle. In split second, the whole room became bright.

Regarding Wu Rou’s skill a moment ago, Feng DuWu who was just able to make condensation of energy felt envy in her heart. Thinking of her own seven stages of strength, yet Wu Rou already a master of the sixth stages of True Fundamental, she suddenly felt an endless fighting spirit!

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Since she wants to be stronger, then she must be the strongest!

Anyway, since she already drunk Tian Yin sacred water, there was no way out, within three years she must become a famous Core King and collect that sixty-four kinds of herbs that were used to make Tian Yin sacred water or her fate will be extremely sad!

Yi“, this thing……” Just as Feng DuWu pondering, there were Wu Rou’s voice of surprised rang out in the ear.

Yi: expression of surprised

When Feng DuWu heard and looked towards the sound, she saw that the ‘bone’ that had been put down on the dressing table had undergone earth-shaking changes. The original rust mark already gone, revealing a smoother and radiant look than the sheep fat white jade, it was covered with a faint red awn.

Feng DuWu stretched out her hand and picked it up. It started spreading warm airflow from the hollow of her palm to her body seems like hot spring, that letting her becoming comfortably warm and make Feng DuWu can’t help but gave birth to a sense of closeness.

This thing might be a treasure, Feng DuWu took the bone into the space in the front of Wu Rou, then to said Wu Rou: “You have a way to get through the spies of the Feng family, I want to go out after Yin shi (3:00 am to 5:00 am) and will return after Chen shi (7:00 am to 9:00 am).”

Wu Rou looked at the thing disappearing on Feng DuWu’s hand but turned a blind eye. Only frowned after listening to Feng DuWu and asked: “Where do you want to go, Young Miss?”

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“Feng Yang Town is located in the far east, as the east is sun energy (Yang energy). If you can cultivate on Feng Yang Mountain every day at sunrise, its surely twice the results for half the effort!” Feng DuWu stood in front of the window, looking towards the eastern part where the bright moon radiates on up and down range of hills, the night looked mysteriously made one felt yearning.

Twice the results for half the effort: the right approach saves effort and leads to better results

“Young Miss, you mean you want to cultivate?” Wu Rou looked at Feng DuWu in astonishment.

Don’t blame Wu Rou for being so surprised, because they all know about Feng DuWu. Originally based on their cultivation, they’re standing the family quite important in the family. They were also the left and right arm of Feng DuWu’s parents. If not for Feng DuWu’s parents’ life-saving grace and nurturing their brother and sister, how can they signed master and servant contract with Feng DuWu, life and loyalty to a waste.

Feng DuWu gave a soft smile, then gathered the purple light on her the fingertips, extended it in front of Wu Rou.

Seeing this scene make Wu Rou open her eyes widely, unexpectedly shed tears with excitement: “Great, great, Young Miss, you can finally……finally can cultivate!”

“It’s just Qi Jin.” For Wu Rou to be happy more than herself, Feng DuWu’s heartfelt warm, she knows that Wu Rou and Wu Gang’s brother and sister are thinking about her wholeheartedly, together with that contract, but because they are grateful, they regard her parents like second parent Therefore, they are sincerely staying with her.

Second parent: one’s great benefactor.

“As long as one able to cultivate, Young Miss doesn’t have to worry about anything. It’s great, I must pass the news to Madam immediately.”

When Wu Rou said that she was going outside, she was stopped by Feng DuWu: “For now we need to hide it, the family currently having a three-year election. It is the time of chaos. One estimated that paternal grandfather wants to use this opportunity to competed for the position first elder. I don’t know how many people are watching at me. The reason why they haven’t done anything yet is as I am not someone to be afraid of. If the news about me leaks, I am afraid they will not tolerate it anymore.”

Feng DuWu’s word as if pouring a pot of cold water that ruins Wu Rou’s joy. She immediately calms down and nods to Feng DuWu: “Young Miss’s apprehensions are true, it is me that too impatient. If Young Miss wants to cultivate then let Big brother accompany you, just leave this place to me, it surely will not be noticed.”

“You go back and discuss with Wu Gang. In the future, both of you will take turns to accompany me cultivate in DongYang Mountain. Just keep a person guarding.” Feng DuWu smile lightly.

Although she didn’t know why Feng DuWu has such an arrangement, but Wu Rou habitually listened to her, therefore after complied she retreat at once.

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Early morning of the next day, after Chou shi (1:00 am – 3:00 am), Feng DuWu went out of her room then saw Wu Gang who was waiting in the courtyard. Wu Gang took Feng DuWu all the way and left the Feng family without any sound.

FengYang Mountain located outside the town. Wu Gang also took half an hour to arrive because taking Feng DuWu along. Considering that there may be monsters on the top of the mountain, they did not go too deep but found a relatively short mountain and when they reached their destination, the horizon had begun to redden.

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