Chapter 6: Sit, eating and waiting for death was broken dream

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In her space, Feng DuWu found a ‘Blood Stimulating Flesh Dan Pill’. After one shi chen (1 shi chen = 2 hours) Feng DuWu felt the rapid speed of scabbing feeling in every wound on her body. When she woke up at night, she could not found a trace of pain in her body. Looking at the mirror, she found that almost all the scabs of scars in her face were to come off. It came off when she lightly touched the scabs and the smoothed skin doesn’t leave a trace of the mark. It made her couldn’t help but to marvel for Qian Xue’s Dan Medicine!

“Young Miss’s complexion seems so good today.” Wu Rou stood behind Feng DuWu to bind up her (FDW) hair. From the mirror, she saw Feng DuWu’s cheeks finally had some good red color (looking healthy) on it, did not happy.

Although she was also very surprised that Feng DuWu could recover overnight like this, but once she thought that Feng DuWu were Feng family head’s main branch descendant, there must be good things in her (FDW) hand that are not known to them. Therefore, the choice was for one to be dutiful and ignored it.

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Feng DuWu listened to Wo Rou’s words then touched the face that was in the mirror. At first glance, it was indeed much better than yesterday. She felt more inquisitive regarding what rank of alchemy was Qian Xue’s.

After combing Feng DuWu, Wu Rou then went out. Feng family of Imperial Capital household also had a property in Fengyang Town. These properties were just in the hands of her paternal grandfather. Feng JiuXiao gave this to Feng DuWu when she came to Fengyang Small Town, first was to let her has something to depends on, second to make her able to get in touch with them in time.

The matters happened yesterday was so big, surely they able to detect to some extent. therefore, she must go to inform them.

Feng DuWu’sproperties in Feng Yang Town among these was precisely a pawnshop. In this period of time, pawnshops are extremely profitable industries.  To open a pawnshop one must possess strong financial resources and tough background, else it will be coveted and pried by the local power (as in gang).

Feng DuWu arrived and entered Fei Wu pawnshop with familiarity, then saw Uncle Kun the big shopkeeper and Uncle Chang Lin the second shopkeeper looked down on the same thing, both of them frowned and stood to wait in front of the cabinet with a calm expression was a youngster.

“What troubles did Uncle Kun and Uncle Chang Lin run into?” Feng DuWu was also somewhat curious. Uncle Kun and Uncle Chang Lin are both her parents’ capable assistants. They were specially transferred here to look after her. Both of them are experienced and knowledgeable, very rare seeing both of them looked troubled.

“Fifth Young Miss.” The two immediately greet Feng DuWu when they noticed her.

Feng DuWu was the fifth person in her generation of the family.

“That little guy outside came to pawn this thing, neither I nor Chang Lin can make a final conclusion.” Uncle Kun handed the thing in his hand to Feng DuWu.

It was a thing about three chi (1 chi = 10 cun = 0.333 meters) long with the shape of the pale bone. At first glance, except looking a bit old it somewhat resembled an intact of bone, but on top of it, there seemed a lot of rust on it so it was unlikely bone since it will not grow rusty like that. In that case this thing really unusual.

Feng DuWu reached and took it over. The texture was exquisite, the weight also not too light, one can’t help but looked up and ask: “It can withstand the strength using Qi?”

“I used seven points of my strength but it still did not budge even a little.” UncleChang Lin nodded.

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Feng DuWu raised her brows, Uncle Chang Lin’s ability, she knows best. Seven points were enough to beat her flesh. Apparently this thing indeed a bit extraordinary, hence she asked: “How much does he want?”

Uncle Kun extended three fingers.

“Three hundred Liang (tael)?” asked Feng DuWu.

Uncle Kun nodded then shook his head: “Three hundred Liang of gold, no more no less. “

Feng DuWu could not help but look up at that youngster. His wore half-old deep blue clothes with plain cotton cloth, neat appearance, handsome face and somewhat ice-cold expression that staring at a certain place resembling an old monk that revealing indifference which reeks of bloody aura.

Clenching the things in her hand tightly, Feng DuWu said to Uncle Kun: “Give him.”

Three hundred Liang of gold, three thousand Liang silver, there are only handful of people who could appear in this small town without hesitation, therefore Uncle Kun and Uncle Chang Lin know that the thing was extraordinary but, they did not dare to speak easily and not sure because it was not a small amount.

Now with Feng DuWu’s word, the two of them will have no worries exactly because of that worthless thing, the family owner will unlikely to blame them.

After the youngster took the silver, that pair of deep and waveless eyes glanced at Feng DuWu and turned away.

“Uncle Kun, don’t tell my parents about yesterday’s matter.” After finishing the matter just now, Feng DuWu straightforwardly said her purpose of coming.

Uncle Kun and Uncle Chang Lin had somewhat astonished look at each other, but did not immediately agree rather said: “It would be better if Fifth Young Miss move here.”

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Feng DuWu know this an exchange condition, Uncle Kun helped her to cover up yesterday’s matter and she had to move in because they are responsible for her safety. What happened yesterday could not reoccur.

However, Feng DuWu shook her head and said: “Uncle Kun, Feng Li is not an idiot. He dares to touch me, apart from to covet for my things, there are people who put pressure on him. While giving him pressure that person also gave him supports. Who are the people behind him, we all know best. To stay in Feng family those people can only use the Feng family clear place. If I  were to leave Feng family, not only will it spread to the Imperial Capital, it will make paternal grandfather not easy to explain. Even those people able to change white become black. They will become harder to guard against when the time comes.”

“At last Young Miss understood.” Uncle Chang Lin delighted.

With a faint smile Feng DuWu said: “After went through life and death experience if I still not yet grow minds, it will make one live in vain.”

“Since Young Miss has clear intentions, both of us naturally follow Young Miss words.” Uncle Kun nodded.

Feng DuWu stopped for a  moment then left with that thing that was bought for three hundred gold Liang.

However it really enemies meet on a narrow road, just when she and Wu Rou walked out from Fei Wu pawnshop, she met both of Feng Yang’s older brothers, Feng Xu and Feng Shi. They also have other people around them, one was a man that had an oily head with powder face, they looked quite old.

(Enemies meet on a narrow road: An inevitable clash between opposing factions)

Once Wu Rou saw these posture, she immediately on guard.

Feng DuWu directly walks past through the three people without squinting.

Seeing Feng DuWu this way, Feng Shi wanted to touch her (as in giving her lesson) yet blocked by Feng Xu: “Here is Fei Wu Pawnshop.”

Although he did not know what relation between Feng DuWu and Fe Wu Pawnshop, but Feng Xu knows that both sides have some friendship, Feng Xu knows that the two have some friendship, so he doesn’t think this is a good time to start a phoenix dance, so he felt it was no good to touch Feng DuWu here.

“This woman looks like a normal one but that body is a good one also there is seductive fragrance from her body. On the hand, her looks are not bad and made people miss it……” Together with Feng Xu brothers, that man took a deep breath where Feng DuWu passed by and looking the back of Feng DuWu, there seem desires in his eyes.

The two brothers of Feng Xu heard the words and looked at the cousin who had been soaking in the pile of fat powder all the year round as if he can’t pick what he eats.

Yet Feng DuWu that has not gone far away heard these obscenities furrows her brows and stopping Wu Rou who gets angry, pressing one tumbling heart, remaining calm and collected their speed up their pace and somewhat getting faster in the end nearly rushing to Feng family.

Upon returning to Feng family, Feng DuWu left the worried Wu Rou, two brothers and sisters, to guard outside, locking oneself inside the room. Sitting in front of the bronze mirror, looked at herself in the mirror for a moment.

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