Chapter 5. A Good Show

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As for those precious herbs that even able to make their eyes green, for Feng DuWu to said its simply not worth mentioning, only a bit of small leaf ginseng and it’s not even a first-rate or best quality herbs. To said Feng DuWu could get it in a passing but for this small remote town that was extremely difficult and rare to get a single herb all year round, even they haven’t seen that best quality but as it was from Feng household, it must be the most valuable treasure!

In the past, Feng DuWu ignored these things and bear with it since she didn’t want to make troubles for her Paternal grandfather and parents. However, where did an Eldest Young Miss who was born with golden spoon understand about these greedy and insatiable human nature. Now that it was changed to her, she will let those people know that there was no free lunch in this world!

Counting the time, after she felt its almost the time only then Feng DuWu raised her voice to instructed Wu Gang: “You let Wu Rou give a potful of small leaf ginseng soup to that Feng Yang’s father and daughter and leave no trace for the thing then informed those two old people. In particular, you must let those two old people know that the small leaf ginseng already 90 years old, which can be considered best quality.”

“Yes.” Wu Gang thought Feng DuWu were letting those people to plunder part of her small leaf ginseng soup, thus immediately he left after answered her.

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Just after Wu Gang left, Wo Ruo came back.

“No matter what happens, don’t disturb me.” After commanded Wu Rou, in a glance, Feng DuWu entered her space.

On another side, Feng Yang who received the small leaf ginseng took those two bowls of soup and went to her father’s study: “Father, you look at what good things daughter bring for you?”

Feng Li, the master of the family was waiting here for Feng Yang as soon as he heard about this thing earlier. He sniffs at the luring smell. In Feng Li’s eyes they have different enthusiasm than the past: “For father, the energy of this Yuan Qi much better than previously, it must have entered the seventh rank which no different than an elixir ingredient, it still this good daughter that know father heart best!”

After all the talk, Feng Li took the bowl of the small leaf ginseng soup and without the slightest hesitation to gulping it down.

When you cultivating, even if you are a genius you still need the help of external medicine (elixir), otherwise, it will be hard to climb high, how many good things came in in this small barren land area? Therefore, the whole real expert in this place can be counted in both hands. Feng Li stuck in ninth rank for many years, half a year later after Feng DuWu came, time to time he could get good medicine ingredients which made him breakthrough quickly.

“Father, daughter already in the seventh rank and will soon be able to enter into Ning Yuan (凝元/Condensed Yuan?). The entire Fengyang Town apart the old house, before the age of eighteen, daughter will be the first person!” Feng Yang spoke excitedly, soon she will become the talented young lady of the entire Fengyang Town!

“Good! Wait for father to breakthrough from Ning Yuan stage to Ning Dan (凝丹) stage then I will slaughter those two little brats. When the time comes, would not that damn girl’s stuff will be ours? With those things, our Feng family would not need to be suppressed, at that time our Feng family will not be pressed and have a place in Fengyang Town!” Feng Li become very happy to think of the bright future. He felt the warm feeling from his lower abdomen, it didn’t make him become vigilance instead made him be more excited, thinking the small leaf ginseng medicine has begun to take effect!

“Father, I seem to breakthrough!” Feng Yang who was also very excited immediately sit down cross-legged processing the Yuan Qi in her body when she feels warm energy.

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At the same time, the two person processing their Yuan Qi, they felt urging which made the heat rushed to their heads. At the end, since Feng Li already in the profound stage, he immediately notices something wrong and tried to suppress the feeling! At this moment, Feng Yang who already felt soft all over, cling on Feng Li’s body.

Feng Li’s poor self-control was broken, he let out a low howl. He could no longer control himself. Thus, a disaster was brewed, not long later the door was kicked open and a group of people rushed in. Seeing this scene, all their face ashen!

“Animals!” Even tough old Feng An and Feng Shou Li shouted, they (FL and FY) still ignored them.

The two old people pull Feng Li apart, but they saw that Feng Yang was still controlled by the medicine. Their face shrouded with black energy, lowering his hand to knocked Feng Yang, then his vision swept to the table where two medicine bowls placed: “Invite Master Mu to come over, its impossible to relies on others to live but still want to stand above us!”

(还想站到我们头上拉屎,没门! I confused when translating this part)

Although they did rush over because they heard that Feng Li got a good thing, but to let the Feng family have this kind of scandal, even if Feng DuWu status was noble, they have to give them a statement (explanation), otherwise where will their Feng family face (pride/self-respect) can be put? Of course, all of this stems from the fact that Feng DuWu was isolated and helpless. Feng family of imperial capital was so far away, and Feng Du Wu was a small weak young lady. They naturally will not let this handle (information that can be used against) to be learned by others and they will settle it.

The old people didn’t put it to their thoughts about matters regarding Feng Li and Feng Yang, rather they already thought on plotting how much things Feng DuWu have and how to let her spit out that much of good things!

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The things happening here were quickly known by Wu Gang, but they were not afraid at all. Instead, they showed a smile on their faces. They had established master and servant contract with young miss. This lifetime they could only be faithful to young miss, if it young miss in the past where they have always retreated, they will also feel that their future was bleak.

However, Wu Gang who had been waiting until sunset for the Feng family to come asking questions didn’t see even one person from the Feng family, making him couldn’t help but puzzled.

Feng DuWu who not in the least concerned, fall asleep beautifully and extremely carefree when reading the books left by Qian Xue in her space.

She wasn’t worried in the least that the Feng family will come to their door because of that ecstasy pill was the best quality, something that Quan Xue refined. The essence of the pill showed after combining it with the Yuan Qi. Even if the person of Feng family think until they broke their head, they will not understand that those medicines were what makes the two father and daughter became like that and it’s improper to check it their self.

The Feng family had this scandal, as a thief of those stolen goods, they will not have evidence. If they dare to shout everywhere, how will they stand shamelessly in Fengyang Town? They had to bite their teeth and swallow their blood to this lose and leave her be!

Feng DuWu, she has always been a person that as long one does not offend me, I will not offend them!

If it weren’t for Feng Yang’s father and daughter tried to obtain all of Feng Du Wu’s belonging! They bribe people to deceived Wu Gang, also that father and daughter join hands to stop and bothering Wu Rou, then sent people to stun and throw her (FDW) to the Black Forest. If were not for those, how will Feng DuWu suffer those unbearable things? Basically, they already killed the real Feng DuWu and killing Feng DuWu indirectly killing Wu Gang, Wu Rou, their three lives! She only using their way to paid them back, nothing more……

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Although there was no one killed and she was unable to become Feng DuWu, but this couldn’t be the reason for her to let go of Feng Yang’s father and daughter, because now she is the real Feng DuWu, and this kind of Feng DuWu, she was such a selfish woman! Even more from the moment she became Feng DuWu, she with Feng Yang’s father and daughter cannot exist together. She will never submit to that kind of humiliation, waiting for Feng Li to growth, he won’t take care (consideration) to Wu Gang, Wu Rou, then will kill her directly! Since you don’t want to be bullied, you must step on those who want to bully her!

Provoking her, Feng Yang’s father and daughter can only admit they’re bad luck!

Moreover, this just the beginning……

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