Chapter 4. There is no free lunch in this world

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Feng Wu, no, from now on she is Feng DuWu!

Feng DuWu woke up amid the severe pain and found herself lying on the couch. This is the Feng Yang’s of Feng family that she lived in for three years, the side branch of Feng family in Imperial Capital.

“Young miss, you finally wake up!” The red-clothed woman who was standing in the bedside was excited and relieved seeing Feng DuWu.

This gentle-looking woman was called Wu Rou and her brother Wu Gang was send away with her by her paternal grandfather and made her did the zhu pu contract. They have been taking care of her for three years.

Xiao Rou, I heard you said that young miss is awoken?” Wu Gang voice came from outside.

“Yes, Big brother, Young miss is awake, you quickly come and bring the medicine.” Wu Rou happily shouted to the outside, then turned back carefully to support Feng DuWu, to let Feng DuWu felt comfortable leaning on her shoulder.

At this time, Wu Gang also came in with a bowl of hot soup: “Young miss, this is small leaf ginseng soup. You (courteous) quickly drink, it’s for your (courteous) injuries……”

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Wu Gang said hither to felt guilty and embarrassed, then stop talking.

Feng DuWu knows why he stops talking. Because she ached from head to toe and the most painful part was her lower body. She would felt a bit dizzy when she tried to move, she did not know what kind of torture Feng DuWu (the former host) bear before she arrived, but if she did not appear Feng Du Wu might be eaten alive by the beast!

At the thought of this, Feng DuWu quickly swept a look at Wu Gang and immediately reached out then stroke her face: “Wu Gang, get a mirror for me!”

Wu Gang gave a glimpse, but when he saw Feng DuWu became impatient, he went to get it immediately and hold up the mirror.

Wu Rou who knows about Feng DuWu’s temper saw that she (FDW) did not weep or make noise even though she lost her chastity and merely acted the same, felt that her Master has yet understood the ways of the world and didn’t know what happened to herself. Looking that she (FDW) want to look at the mirror and treat it that she only cares about her countenance: “Young miss, your face only have a few light injuries. It won’t leave a scar after recuperating for a few days.”

Feng DuWu took the mirror from Wu Gang’s hand and saw the mediocre five features (nose, eyes, lip, tongue, and ears) from the mirror which slightly pale and sick looking. She loosened her breath softly. As for her face, it was already been wrapped well. Feng DuWu really does not care about the piercing pain of the wound. Although the wound so deep that you can see the bone clearly, in this time of period, for those families like Feng DuWu’s that could produce a lot of elixirs, these wounds indeed only a minor injury.

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Putting down the mirror and under Wu Rou’s care, Feng DuWu drank the small leaf ginseng soup. After enduring the pain that comes from the lower part of her body, she (FDW) look towards Wu Gang: “You guys don’t have to blame yourself. This time was my own carelessness. I will not inform Paternal Grandfather and my parents about this matter. Just act as it never happened and forget about it.”

After listening to these words, the originally worried  Wu Gang’s siblings felt their hanging hearts fell back. Shortly their eyes become red after recalling what had their Master experienced, choked with emotion said: “Young miss, it was us that didn’t protect you properly, we won’t complaint however you want to punish us, it’s only that please take care of your health properly young miss. Madam still hopes to reunite with Young miss, so you need to be at ease……”

(放宽心.. help guys? haha)

When Feng DuWu listened, immediately she knows that they worried that she can’t stand the blow and then commit suicide. Perhaps it might happen if its the real Feng DuWu, but she will not do it!

Thus she said: “As you said, for Mother, I will live properly. Alive and waiting for the opportunity for them to pick me back!”

Looking at this kind of strong Feng DuWu, at the time Wu Rou can’t help but fell down on the couch, biting her lip and wept sorrowfully in the middle tidying up the badly mangled wound of her Master.

In a moment the atmosphere of the room was covered with sorrow. Feng DuWu didn’t like this sort of feeling, thus she changed the topic: “Who saved me?”

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Feng DuWu really cares about this matter since the pearl (bead) that given from her father for protection to covered her pure Yin body was broken. But when she awoke, her features still covered as an ordinary and mediocre, everything still as before. Wu Gang and Wu Rou have yet to discover her pure Yin body. There was only one possibility for this, that the person who saved her helped to conceal it and this type of concealed was not the sort of forms of qi (Yuan Qi) that Paternal Grandfather used, it was rather employed from medicine.

In that way this medicine worth for Feng DuWu to feel tempted. If it can cover the energy of her pure Yin body, she would rather a lifetime of an average of dull life and also would not desire for Tian Yin sacred water (I’m bit confused on how to translate this part 也不愿服下天阴圣水). She was too weary of it in her previous lifetime, so in this lifetime able to sit, eating and waiting for death than sit, eating and waiting for death then.

(Sit, eating and waiting for death: Refers to a lazy person. A general idea is a person who has nothing to do except to eat and without a goal.)

“Wu Gang also not able to determine it, but only speculate that it might be……” Wu Gang a bit hesitated then said, “It should be Young Master Yun Qi.”

Having heard what was said, Feng DuWu let out a forced smile. The famous young master Yun Qi, prior to her being sent away to Feng Yang’s, she also knows who he was.  Even though she, Feng DuWu has an unusual physique that was deemed to not fit to be seen and afraid for her to be exposed therefore she was claimed as sick for all year round and never to attend any occasion. That person absolutely not someone that she even the entire Feng family capable to invited, let alone seek medicine from him?

It seems that she needs to walk one step at a time. If it was no good for her she still has Tian Yin sacred water.

(Walk one step at a time: This expression means to do something without planning first and make a decision according to the new situation.)

“Feng DuWu, you roll out for this young miss!” In the middle of pondering, Feng DuWu heard a delicate voice of shouting from outside.

This voice made the light in Feng DuWu’s eyes flash cold. Watching Wu Gang angrily and quickly set forth, Feng DuWu lowered her head and shouted: “Halt.”

“Young miss, you cannot let her be again, she almost caused your death!” Wu Gang stifled his anger making his face flushed.

Feng DuWu ignored him but turned her wrist then from her palm she handed a pill to Wu Rou: “She must have come for that small leaf ginseng soup, you go, properly cook a potful for her.”

With the still tears on Wu Rou’s face, she (WR) saw her (FDW) smile but the flickering eyes of young miss’s made her (WR) trembled. Trembling, she took the pill, wiped her face then went out.

“You guard outside. I’m tired and need rest.” Feng DuWu instructed Wu Gang after looking Wu Rou leave.

Wu Gang pondered for a moment before responded in a low voice and turned around to went out.

Fallen into the soft bed, Feng DuWu slowly closed her eyes. There shallow sneer revealed in the corner of her mouth.

The woman who just made a big fuss was Feng Yang, the Feng family Chief Town (or Lord town?)’s daughter. When she first arrived, this Feng family’s Feng Yang was very respectful to her. However, after a long time, seeing that no one from her (FDW) family come to pick her up and no benefit can be gained from her. In addition after finding out that she (FDW) was a waste person who couldn’t cultivate, Feng DuWu immediately treated as wretch who had been abandoned by her family. Since she was neglected and not said anything about it, she (FY) took note of those precious herbs ingredients she (FDW) brought. If it weren’t for Wu Gang’s siblings around her, she might already been killed for it (killed because of the ingredients)!

Although they didn’t dare to put their hands on her, the Feng family beginning to see this eldest young miss not pleasing to the eye and from time to time tried to put her in trouble. The Chief Town of Feng family naturally turn a blind eye because they got half of the benefits every time Feng Yang earned those benefits.

(A bit unsure on the last two paragraphs, a bit confused the she, was it FDW or that woman who was shouting? If there any part that not match after checking the next chapter I will update this chap)

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