Chapter 3. Pure Yin Body (2)

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The person ignored her, rather said: “I am an alchemist and armament master, just like you, I had pure Yin body, but I didn’t have the luck to have a clan to protect me or paternal grandfather that will take the trouble to hide my body problem like you. Because of that, after my parents know about my pure Yin body, they feared that I would bring disaster and abandoned me. Later, I was rescued by Master (Shifu). My master was famous for his medicinal pills and elixirs and he was an existence that people highly revered……”

She paused for a bit and continued: “Master spend all his heart and strength to create a medicinal pill to change my fate. Later master died yet he hasn’t managed to made the medicinal pills. After master’s death, my identity was revealed. The first man that wanted to possessed me was my martial uncle. That power hungry of man, at first in order for him to upgrade his cultivation, he tortured me day and night for three full years. In addition to his cultivation practice, he also vented his animal desire on me. He also was an alchemist master so he had a way to not let me die. After three years, he discovered that I could be provided to him no different than the other medicine that he was usually refined. He gave me to his disciples and I became even more miserable than a prostitute. Afterward, I met that man. That man did not disdain me for being filthy. He rebel for me shed tears for me and was trampled by them. I gave him the burden of humiliation. He concentrated fully on concocted the pills, so much that for me, he recruit soldiers and bought horses. For him to refine the legendary artifact–he used everything! I thought finally my suffering came to an end. I haven’t had time to share the legendary artifact with him, he ruthlessly stabbed me with a sword!”    

(Recruit soldiers and bought horses: raise a large army)

Her voice became sharper and she finally snarled. Even Feng Wu felt her grudges and hatred which solidified into substance, making it hard for people to breathe.

After about a quarter of an hour, she calmed down and regained her tranquil state: “I will give you everything I have. If you practice it here, you definitely will become the world’s top alchemist and armament master. When the time comes, you will be able to get all supports that even the world number one master will not dare to slight you, you just take that place for me!” 

(T/N: That place refer to the world’s top alchemist and armament master I think, as long Feng Wu become famous even with her yin body)

“Your sincerity is not enough.” Feng Wu sneered.

After experiencing it herself, Feng Wu couldn’t believe this person as that woman that incapable to condense her strength!

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, or

“Ha ha ha ha……” The person burst into frantic laughter, after that the greenish smoke cleared and the northern side of medicinal cabinet opened. A glass-like bottle flew out and floated in front of Feng Wu. “This is Tian Yin sacred water that I had worked hard to refined. It’s hundred times more potent than Sui pill to clean your body. Although it can’t change your pure yin body, it still can help to enrich your strength and cover your pure yin qi. Unless its strong master, it will not be easily noticed.” 

Feng Wu reached out using her fingertips and caressed the brightly colored medicine bottle: “This thing disadvantage.”

The person did not keep her in suspense: “I only made two bottles. The efficacy of this bottle only up to three years and every fifteenth of the full moon, your body’s strength will dissipate until the next day.”

After Feng Wu heard it, she remains silent for a long time. That person also did not in hurry, quietly waiting for her reply.  

After thinking about it for a while, Feng Wu looked up: “Although you deliberately not mentioned where your sect school was. I know that the place where you can have two medicinal pills master at the same time is definitely the existence that the people looked up to, therefore I can only promise you if I’m capable. I certainly will avenge you.”

(师门, sorry not sure the what the exact term)

Pill master, even Feng Du Wu that has been known as bookworm never heard of it the entire Cangyun continent. However, the top alchemist master of Cangyun continent, the four pill kings are people that capable to call the wind and summon the rain in this Cangyun continent. Wherever they passed by, their treatment was comparable to the royal family. Feng Wu naturally somewhat felt reserved, although she not afraid of death, she also doesn’t want to court disaster!

(Call the wind and summon the rain: meaning  to exercise magical powers; to exert authority)

This time that person considering what Feng Wu said and finally she agreed: “Okay, then said your oath.”

Feng Wu does not hesitate to join index finger and forefinger of her right hand and pointed to the space between her eyebrows: “I, Feng Du Wu vow, if there come the day I become capable, I will do it to the best of my ability……”


“I will complete Qianxue’s wishes!”

Feng Wu voice fell and there was silvery dot flash in the space between her eyebrows.

Qianxue seemed to resolve the load on her mind. The greenish smoke was significantly weakened and her voice has become somewhat faint: “To refine Tian Yin sacred water, you need to possess at least the strength of 9th rank of Dan otherwise you will be incapable to push the Zijin qilin cauldron. I had recorded all the alchemy methods from ancient times until now. When you have the ability to resolve my wishes, you will naturally know the where about of my sect, you…… do your best……”

Feng Wu quietly looked at the green smoke that dissipates from the cauldron and finally disappeared leaving no trace. After the green smoke disappeared, she looked at the cauldron and bowed sincerely.

Qianxue’s space was very big and when she walked out of the room, there was even a garden, only the garden was bare without anything on it. Feng Wu returned to her space and carefully sifting through the things left by Qianxue. The energy of the previous host was also brought in. She only scanned everything and memorized it in her heart.

In the end, Feng Wu discovered that the things left by Qianxue were all impressive-looking but useless for her.

Because of her pure yin body!

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This world cultivates yang type of spiritual energy of Heaven and Earth. Even the alchemist only have two ways. One was the type that could prompt the qi energy, another one was the spiritual power. One could even think that the stronger the spiritual power, the stronger their refinery alchemy in the long term.

(T/N: Not too sure about these sentence. 这个世间修炼一种天地至阳的元气,就连炼丹炼器都只有两种途径,一种催动元气,一种就是精神之力,可一个人就算精神力再强大,也在炼丹炼器一途上走不长远。)

Feng Wu was exactly a good example!

She was originally one of the four families of the Xingyao dynasty, Feng family’s household that had the honorable status in the Xingyao dynasty. Unfortunately, she was born with pure yin body, unable to gather the spiritual energy and incapable to cultivate. Apart from her grandfather, her parents, and brother, everyone would treat her as the clan’s disgrace. Not only does her grandfather had to exhaust his strength to suppress her pure yin’s energy every year, but also because her parents and her brother would be pushed aside by her uncles and the siblings. 

Even though her mental power was stronger than others, no matter how many times she tried, she still cannot practice the 9th rank of Dan. In that kind of clan of her when they look at the person rank, she occupied the position as a direct descendant of the main branch already seen as an unpleasant person. Because of this, Feng Wu who did not want to be humiliated met with Feng Wu Ji to discovered he mistakenly killed a person. She replaced her brother to take the blame. Her paternal great-grandfather did not hesitate to wanted to execute her to appeased her grandfather’s younger brother. It was her grandfather who let the clan elders send her to the remote place in Xingyao dynasty, Fengyang Town to save her life.

If only she could gather the spiritual qi, even if she only able to be in the 9th rank of Dan, her paternal great-grandfather probably would not be this ruthless!

This was the tragedy of the weak in this era. Even if they are born with a good family background, they will not have the right to speak without power. They could only wait to get trampled!

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