Chapter 2. Pure Yin Body

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The red-clothed male lifted the jade ornament respectfully above his head: “Young Master, we are people of Feng family of imperial capital (王都) household.”

The man’s deep lustrous brown eyes flashed towards them, the man handed Feng Wu to the red-clothed female in red, his clear and cold voice sounded: “Master and servant’s life and death contract.”

The man’s word made the red-clothed male and female bowed their heads ashamed.

A cool breeze swept by, by the time they raised their head,there no one present, only a faint scent of tea was left in the air.

The red-clothed male and female could not help murmuring: “A green clothed youth with a faint scent of tea, elegant jade-like appearance; and the double-edged sword that magnificent only one in this land under heaven! Big brother, have we met that legendary young master…..”

The red-clothed male couldn’t hold back the enthusiasm and excitement of reverence in his eyes. His voice somewhat trembled: “He… he saved Young Miss and both of us……”

In master and servant’s life and death contract, if the master died the servant will also die. They did not protect the young miss properly, nearly causing their own death. Just now they react as soon as they feel that young miss life was in danger, presumably if Young Miss did not met this Young Master, like that no doubt they and Master certainly die……  

(TL/N: the master mentioned here is Feng Wu)

However, Feng Wu was ignorant of everything happening outside. She was right in the middle of receiving continuous information that flows into her brain, she understood that this was a world that absolutely overthrows her real thoughts. It was a world full of fantasy.

“Oh….. You regain your consciousness faster than what I thought.”

“Who are you?” Feng Wu in the middle of clearing her thought shocked by a strange voice that appeared in her mind. She shouted coldly.

“Not bad, just experienced great catastrophe of losing one’s chastity and life-death situation, and now still able to stay calm and collected, so bold!” Those strange voices sighed in admiration.

These words make Feng Wu’s murderous spirit to rise, don’t know these things are person or ghost unexpectedly to know everything about her,  such thing she absolutely can not allow it to exist. One thought flashed a burst of sharp pain tugs at the brain.

“Listen, just now you want to deal with me. I’m not saying that you can’t condense the spiritual Qi with your pure yin body, even if you are not a talented genius, practicing a thousand years will not make you my opponent!” That strange voice coldly snort.

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Feng Wu heard yet said in disdain: “Since you are so powerful, there is no need to waste time with me this useless person, truly… done **** even want to set up a chastity memorial arch!”

(T/N: 真是做了****还要立贞洁牌坊 – Sorry I couldn’t understand this part but I think Feng Wu cursing him here)

“You ——”

The thing seemed angered by Feng Wu, do not know what trick it used. Feng Wu suddenly felt a big palm pinched her heart, she felt painfully dizzy, as if the other person only needs little effort used to break her heart crushed!

She hated this kind of feeling, which reminded her of her previous lives.

“Killing you merely like killing an ant!” That strange voice unbridled gloomy.

Even though the hurts make it unable to breathe easily, Feng Wu still able to coldly said: “You (honorific) are so elegant, still have the time to waste with me this ant, indeed I’m honored to be an ant. Do not talk about nonsense for a long time, nothing that I must do for you (informal), still do you (honorific) need to be so noble? Since you are asking for help from someone, its necessary to come with the attitude of asking for help. You are smart neither I’m a fool. Even you don’t want to kill me right away, I have died once, will I still afraid of death?”

“You are courting death!” The thing was completely flying into rage out of humiliation.

Feng Wu heard a thump sound then sharp pain makes her engulfed in the darkness.

“Big brother, big brother, young miss vomits blood!”

The two brother and sister who had been quiet in shock, saw Feng Wu suddenly burst a mouthful of blood immediately awaken with a start, the red clothed female could not help shouting.

The red-clothed male quickly stepped forward and reach out to feel her pulse, can’t help to surprised: “Young miss has suffered serious internal injury, quickly protect her heart!”

The two immediately try their luck. The large palm that floats in the blue light hanging above Feng Wu heart. The blue airflow that went through Feng Wu body like silk thread.

The thing that angered by Feng Wu also instantly restored its senses and feel the faint power outside, hesitated for a moment also make it out of hand.

Hence, once again Feng Wu felt like circling between life and death.

When she awakens once again, she heard the strange voice calmly said: “You are not Feng Du Wu, who are you?”

Feng Wu heard what was said, became silent.

After a while, the voice rang again: “I have been following Feng Du Wu for many years, I know her temperament well. If Feng Du Wu suffer the humiliation also experienced the great catastrophe life and death, even if that girl character is strong, it will not be as resolute and tenacious as you. Also, your willpower and vigilance character both higher by many folds than Feng Du Wu.”

“That’s why you are acting on purpose.” Feng Wu said mockingly. “You deliberately let her (original host) suffer everything with indifference, you want to break her willpower. And finally you can use her properly or should I say she suffer everything because you had a hand on it? From the beginning, you start it because of Feng Wu’s pure yin body and want to possess it yourself. Nevertheless, you miscalculate, to think that Feng Wu was targeted to be killed. In the end, she had to protect her elder brother by taking the blame and was sent to this ghostly place where it all started……”

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“Truly clever girl…..” The strange voice highly praised in rare admiration, after a moment it muttered, “Apparently you have merged with her memory, perhaps you are more suitable than Feng Du Wu.”

“Haha……how is it, you want to talk about your term with me?” Feng Wu laughed mockingly.

The thing did not answer Feng Wu’s question but said: “Since you have merged with Feng Du Wu’s memory then you should understand everything. You possess pure Yin body that incapable to condense the spiritual Qi, but it is also the best furnace in the world. Now that the protective bead of your Feng Jiu has broken, every male creature that gets close to you will immediately discover that your body will make their cultivation faster. They will unscrupulously fight over you then they will violate and make you did not have any power to resist. In the end, you are fate to die under certain male!”

“So, this is your leverage. You can get me out of this predicament. Say, what do you want me to do?” Feng Wu ask calmly.

Her reaction made the thing felt more pleased: “You really clever, I will not deceive you. My time is running out. What I can give you this storage space.”

As soon as his voice fell, Feng Wu eyes widened and she saw the surrounding space clearly. This was an extremely elegant cabin, there was an exquisite screen on the west side with faint light muslin hanging in the bed. Right on the east side, there was a carved door. To the south was rows of sandalwood huts with lots of glowing things on top. There were rows of ebony medicine cabinets on the north with a huge furnace in between. A small case on the side of the furnace with a pile of books on top. There a wisp of green smoke scattered around the furnace, Feng Du Wu gaze fell on that green smoke above it.

“Being surrounded by so many things but I still able to find it with a glance. I really didn’t find the wrong person.” That green smokes swayed a bit.

“You are the only one that can make it move.” Feng Wu rolled her eyes.

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