Chapter 1: Crossing into Another World from Bad Luck


Even though not a single part of her body felt no pain and she almost felt paralyzed, Feng Wu who had extremely high alert was still able to feel that a living thing was coiled around her, and all four of her limbs were still undamaged!

Feng Wu’s nostrils were attacked by a wave of stench, causing her to escape from the darkness and open her eyes. But the scene that projected into the curtains of her eyes caused even Feng Wu’s pupils to shrink despite already being accustomed to bloody situations

It was a true bloody, big mouth. Pointed teeth stained with blood were even larger than her entire body. They were sharply flickering with dim light, and she was quickly approaching that big mouth. In that instant, she understand what true “not even enough to get stuck between teeth” was called!

“Vile creature, don’t even think of harming people!”

Just before Feng Wu was going to be suffocated to death by the huge beast’s reeking boiling breath, a clear shout resonated through her eardrums. Feng Wu saw purple light that was so dazzling she couldn’t open her eyes, and after that, a yell that was so sharp it could pierce through her eardrums rang out. Then, her body violently rocked, so much that her organs were almost going to be shook out. Finally, after another yell, she was tossed out!

The speed was fast, and the power was fierce. Without even thinking, Feng Wu knew when she stopped free falling, even her brains would doubtlessly be thrown out!

Okay, ultimately, she was still unable to escape from the fate of having her body shattered!

Feng Wu did not fear, nor did she regret. She already got tired of living, and at that instant, she did not want to stay any longer in the real, cruel, and cold world.

However, Feng Wu who already prepared to accept death unexpectedly fell into a warm and powerful embrace. Without letting her even react to that, a large palm pressed against her heart and a burst of warmth flowed into her body. Like sweet spring water, it moistened her already dried up four limbs and hundred bones and it refreshed her entire body.

She struggled as she wanted to open her eyes, but a clear and pleasant voice rang out, “Sleep. Sleep well. No one will be able to harm you.”

That voice was as if it had magic, causing Feng Wu who was usually on high alert to instantly relax her body and to gradually sank into dreams. However, even Feng Wu did not know that in the instant she lost consciousness, a single tear slid down from the corner of her eye that had never cried before.

But even more so, she did not know that a slender, long, white big palm that had jade-like joints caught that single tear. She also did not know about the strangeness that happened in the split moment when the male touched her body, and she did not know how precious the single medicinal pellet was, which the male gave her to eat after she fainted away, nor how much he had helped her!

“Teacher, she cried!” When the little child next to the man saw the single drop of tear in his palm, then at the woman who was completely naked while having blood on her entire body, his gaze couldn’t help being filled with sympathy.

At that moment, a few more tall and big males flew over, and every single one of their clothes were contaminated with bloodstains. However, their faces were full of spirit and their gazes emitted expressions of thrill.

Within one of the person’s hand, he held a pearl that was entirely azure-green with strange jade-green halo lingering all around it, and excitedly said, “Teacher, that evil jiao has already been killed by us. Look, it actually had a Demonic Pellet! This time, luckily we have Teacher with us, or else if we met it, I’m afraid that we would have all died here!”

“Teacher look! This jiao was already going to transform into a dragon and it even grew horns on its head. We originally felt the aura of a dragon from it, but it was quite unexpected to discover that it was this thing. This time with this, Teacher, you will be able to create a Divine Equipment, and it will certainly anger Big Elder to death!” Another rather small male said with a face of fawning as he presented the treasure.

“You’re the one to talk! If it weren’t for you who ignored the warnings and snuck over here, would Teacher go through dangers in order to save you? You should be be glad that it wasn’t a real dragon. Do you think that the powerful Divine Dragons are like this? Even if it is a jiao, if it wasn’t heavily injured before, who knows how much vital power Teacher needed to exhaust? This time, you’ve been lucky.” The man who held the beast core reprimanded with a gloomy face.

“First Senior Brother, I…I already knew that it wasn’t possible for it to be a dragon! The dragon clan has already been extinct since five hundred years ago, so I was only curious as for what was pretending to be it right? Okay okay, I know my mistakes. I won’t be so reckless anymore. So, “great people has great flexibility”, and forgive me once?” The male who held the horn had a face of imploration.


Seeing that his seniors did not pay attention to him, he could only cast his gaze of imploration towards his teacher. However, he only consistently smiled calmly at him, then carried the woman he covered with his robe, turned around, and left.

He couldn’t help widening his eyes in alarm, and with disbelief, he grabbed onto the corner of his First Senior Brother’s clothes, who was still angry at him, and said, “First Senior Brother, Teacher…Teacher actually gave his own clothes for that dirty woman to wear! Was his head swept by the evil jiao just now…ouch!”

Before letting him finish talking, First Senior Brother hammered on his head, then cast a sideways glance at him, as if he was looking at an idiot, and quickly followed his teacher’s footsteps and left.

“Second Senior Brother, what did I say wrong? Teacher is always so strict on cleanliness, but that woman came from unknown origins. She, a woman, appeared alone in this place, and coincidentally met Teacher, don’t you feel that it’s a bit too coincidental…Hey hey hey, you guys wait for me——”

Actually, everyone had doubts about Feng Wu who appeared alone in such a place where danger was everywhere. Although they felt suspicious towards their usually cold teacher’s abnormal actions, their teacher’s actions did not allow for any questioning, so they could only hiddenly be on alert by themselves.

However, after walking out of the forest, all of them completely relaxed their heart because they met the people who were searching for Feng Wu.

“We thank you for your kindness in rescuing our Miss!” A male and female who wore skin-tight red clothes came up. when they saw Feng Wu who was in the man’s embrace, their complexions first changed, then following that, they both suppressed their emotions and with cool faces, they cupped their hands and bowed towards the man who carried Feng Wu as salutation.

After that, the red-clothed female extended her hands and wanted to take Feng Wu, but the man’s brown-colored pupils flashed with a gorgeous purple light. The red-clothed female felt that her wrist numbed, and she backed away a few steps. She deeply inhaled a breath of cool air, and within her gaze that she looked at the man with, deep reverence appeared.

When the red-clothed male saw that, he immediately lowered his head even more and from his pocket, he took out a jade ornament that was as red as blood. The jade ornament was carved into a phoenix with its wings open while soaring, and inside, there seemed to be traces of blood surging around, causing the blood phoenix to seem even more vivid and lifelike.

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