Chapter 9: First Bloody Battle

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The red blood stained with golden light tore the curtain of the night. The sunrise getting brighter seems like volcano splitting and the scorching hot magma flows slowly over the mountains, illuminating the undulating land, finally fall on the last shortest slope in Feng DuWu location.

She and Wu Gang both had a tacit understanding to sat in lotus position,
stimulating then absorbing this pure first wisp of Qi Fundamental energy into their body. However, when Feng DuWu closed her eyes and absorbed the Qi Fundamental energy, the bone in her that was put away in her space unexpectedly broke free from her space and flew out. It floated on top of her head while emitting blood-colored light against the rising sun. It appears to have a strong attraction, forcibly absorbing a fine crimson light from the rising sun.

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Chapter 8: Picking up treasure

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This world rank was very clear, the cultivator needs to gather the energy first, gathering the heaven and earth Qi Fundamental energy to wash impurities in one marrow. Therefore the first step to becoming a practitioner was to gather energy, while the Qi energy has three levels: Qi Jin, Qi Mang, Qi Gang. Each level divided based its strength into seven colors of red, orange, yellow, green, bluegrass, blue, purple. When one stage was on purple energy, one can enter the second step of cultivator——condensation of energy, becoming a true cultivator!

Condensation of energy also divided into three levels: Beginner Fundamental, Void Fundamental, True Fundamental. Each level also has seven levels, up till the seven stages of True Fundamental, later like Feng DuWu’s previous time-travel those immortal cultivators might able to produce something called as Fundamental Core that might make the practitioner enter the third stage of Fundamental Core! This stage was divided into four levels: Beginner Fundamental Core, Void Fundamental Core, True Fundamental Core and Gold Fundamental Core!

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Chapter 7: Forced Cultivation

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The ordinary facial features in the mirror change a bit with as time progress. As seems there an invisible hand that putting makeup on her. A little bit tracing over Feng DuWu’s facial features, instantly turns from ordinary looks into something magical, turning that mediocre face into stunning ones.

Under covering the Qing-Dai mist, there was a pair of lively phoenix eyes. The bright- clear and dark eyes were like the blue ripple of the fresh mist that from time to time the bearing shown through the eyes. The beautiful nose looks moist and the soft lip was like the petal of flower exactly like the first glimmer of dawn that shining upon the flickering peach blossom which staring on the next morning ray that tender and plump. Snow like delicate and jade-like skin as if can broke with one blow. (TL Note: Feel like skipping this part explaining her features, just say that she is a beauty XD).

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Chapter 6: Sit, eating and waiting for death was broken dream

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In her space, Feng DuWu found a ‘Blood Stimulating Flesh Dan Pill’. After one shi chen (1 shi chen = 2 hours) Feng DuWu felt the rapid speed of scabbing feeling in every wound on her body. When she woke up at night, she could not found a trace of pain in her body. Looking at the mirror, she found that almost all the scabs of scars in her face were to come off. It came off when she lightly touched the scabs and the smoothed skin doesn’t leave a trace of the mark. It made her couldn’t help but to marvel for Qian Xue’s Dan Medicine!

“Young Miss’s complexion seems so good today.” Wu Rou stood behind Feng DuWu to bind up her (FDW) hair. From the mirror, she saw Feng DuWu’s cheeks finally had some good red color (looking healthy) on it, did not happy.

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Chapter 5. A Good Show

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As for those precious herbs that even able to make their eyes green, for Feng DuWu to said its simply not worth mentioning, only a bit of small leaf ginseng and it’s not even a first-rate or best quality herbs. To said Feng DuWu could get it in a passing but for this small remote town that was extremely difficult and rare to get a single herb all year round, even they haven’t seen that best quality but as it was from Feng household, it must be the most valuable treasure!

In the past, Feng DuWu ignored these things and bear with it since she didn’t want to make troubles for her Paternal grandfather and parents. However, where did an Eldest Young Miss who was born with golden spoon understand about these greedy and insatiable human nature. Now that it was changed to her, she will let those people know that there was no free lunch in this world!

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Chapter 4. There is no free lunch in this world

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Feng Wu, no, from now on she is Feng DuWu!

Feng DuWu woke up amid the severe pain and found herself lying on the couch. This is the Feng Yang’s of Feng family that she lived in for three years, the side branch of Feng family in Imperial Capital.

“Young miss, you finally wake up!” The red-clothed woman who was standing in the bedside was excited and relieved seeing Feng DuWu.

This gentle-looking woman was called Wu Rou and her brother Wu Gang was send away with her by her paternal grandfather and made her did the zhu pu contract. They have been taking care of her for three years.

Xiao Rou, I heard you said that young miss is awoken?” Wu Gang voice came from outside.

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